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Products and Services

Specializing in functional and decorative ironwork, as well as custom commissions. Check out Josh's work at

We practice sustainable and all-natural growing practices with our blueberries. Our plants are never fertilized with chemical fertilizers, we choose to use our own composted wood mulch. We pick several times a week from June through August.



Cooper Family Farms LLC was officially founded in 2012, but we have been doing this for many years.  It all began when we began to make a effort to raise and grow as much of our food as possible.  This self-reliance mentality was, and is, very difficult to maintain but very rewarding in the end.  As our friends and family realized what we were doing they began to ask for some of the things we raised and grew.  Cooper Family Farms was born!  Cooper Family Farms LLC has become a joint effort of 3 generations of the Cooper family as well as the support and help from our talented extended family!  Be sure to check out Lin Taylor Marketing Group ( for all of your business marketing needs, as well as Spring Valley Graphics ( for quality screen printing, decals and embroidery.


Cooper Family Farms LLC would like to provide you with quality local blueberries, honey, and functional and decorative ironwork.


Connect with us on social media for the latest happenings on the farm!

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